“James is caring, driven and funny. He has an unending pool of energy that he puts into his relationships, work and our family. James is great with children, which he takes to his work as a family physician at a community health center, and shares with our two nieces. He will be a great father.

James is driven by his belief in social justice and medicine. He works at a health clinic that provides for underserved communities, work that he is passionate about and believes in. He speaks Spanish fluently, a skill he uses daily with the majority of his patients. One of his favorite aspects of his job is a weekly family group he leads teaching families about healthy living, ranging from cooking classes to yoga, that combines his passion for medicine with his love of food and fitness.

James is a fabulous cook, creating many vegetarian delights and baking many delicious creations. He loves to go to farmers markets and come home with vegetables that Ned has never heard of – yet he always makes something new and delicious with them. It really is amazing!

James loves to be active. He bikes to work daily and enjoys running with Ned. He has run four marathons, including ones in China and New York City.

James grew up in Connecticut with his mom and sister. He lost his father as a child, an event that brought his family closer together and they remain so to this day. His mom is deaf and he is fluent in American Sign Language (ASL), a language and culture that we want to share with our child.

James never ceases to impress me. He’s always there for his patients and never stops getting things done at home, yet he’s always game to try something new or travel to a new far off place. James can’t wait to share his passions for food, justice and community engagement with our child. He is going to be an amazing father.”

“He has an unending pool of energy that he puts into his relationships, work and our family.” —Ned

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