James is a family medicine physician and Ned is an aviation journalist. James is passionate about medicine, social justice and food, and Ned loves running, transportation and cities. We complement each other well, like encouraging James to lace up his sneakers to go for a run and introducing Ned to a wide world of foods he never knew existed. We both love traveling and never hesitate to explore another corner of the world.

We met while we were both living in New York in 2011 and knew the connection was special. Ned moved to Washington DC for work a year later and James joined him in 2013. We have built a life full of good friends and community engagement in DC, with James volunteering on the board of a local farmers market network and Ned on the board of a local urbanism and transportation blog. We love our neighborhood and are actively involved in community meet ups and engaged in the conversation over how it grows and changes.

Our dog Heathrow, our basenji mix, joined us in 2016. She added a new level of happiness and excitement to our already energetic household. Always interested in a belly rub or a run, she keeps us on our toes and never fails to get excited the moment we walk in the door.

Friends and family are important to us and we surround ourselves with them. We make an effort to see family, many of whom live far away, frequently and regularly visit old friends on our travels around the world.

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