We live a full and enriching life. We love to travel and see the world together, from running a marathon in New Zealand to snorkeling coral reefs in Saipan or learning about British history touring old manor homes in Northern England. Ned’s work allows us to go many places we would not be able to on our own with James (and in the future with the child we adopt) often tagging along.

At home, James loves to cook and tend to his garden and Ned keeps the house clean and loves planning our next running route. We spend a lot of time with friends, enjoying DC’s many festivals and cultural amenities in our free time. We love Sunday morning spent reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee.

We are really excited to share our lives with a child. He or she will be the center of everything, whether it is traveling to an exciting, new place, visiting family and friends or checking out this year’s book festival on DC’s National Mall.

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